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Dian Chen · 陈典

I'm a Research Engineer at Toyota Research Institute in the Computer Vision Research team, where I work on 3D perception, geometric foundation models, and efficient deep learning. Before that I was a researcher at Prof. Trevor Darrell's lab at UC Berkeley EECS, where I worked on domain adaptation.

Prior to my work I obtained my master's degree in Robotics at the University of Pennsylvania, GRASP Lab, advised by Prof. Kostas Daniilidis. Before that I did my undergrad at Zhejiang University, by the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou.


  • Feburary 2024: pix2gestalt accepted to CVPR 2024!
  • January 2024: FSD accepted to ICRA 2024!
  • July 2023: ZeroDepth accepted to ICCV 2023!
  • June 2023: I will co-organize and give an oral talk at the VCAD workshop at CVPR 2023.
  • March 2023: VEDet and PF-Track accepted to CVPR 2023!
  • January 2023: DD3Dv2 accepted to ICRA 2023!
  • March 2022: AdaContrast and DepthFormer accepted to CVPR 2022!



  • Conference & Journal reviewer: CVPR (2022, 2023, 2024), ICCV/ECCV (2023, 2024), IJCV (2024)
  • Mentor in Women in Computer Vision Workshop at CVPR 2023

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